“Member & Player Responsibilites”

– Formerly Known As – ‘The Etiquette, Rules & Regulations of Play’

In a nutshell, we expect each player to show proper golf Etiquette Procedures and to follow the Club’s Rules and Regulations and to Play The Game By the USGA Rules (see an up to date USGA Rule Book) and the Local Rules (see the back of our scorecard)!

Your following these requests and suggestions will allow you to enjoy your round of golf at Lake Maloney Golf Club (LMGC), that much more.  Please help us by always leaving the course in better condition than you found it, by driving carts in fairways, only, and using the cart paths provided, by replacing divots (using sand bottles), repairing ball marks and raking traps, etc.

Tee Times may be made up to 7-days ahead and the golf shop staff has the obligation to pair up smaller groups,  so please help them by staying paired up.

We ask all groups of 28 or more players to fill out a tournament contract.  And All Players are to; (1) Register in the golf shop 20 minutes prior to their T-Time, (2) Have a separate bag of clubs, (3) Wear hemmed clothing and only soft spiked shoes (Pets or sunflower seeds are never allowed) and non-playing children must remain in carts, at all times, (4) Begin play on hole #1, unless otherwise directed or permitted by the golf shop staff, (5) Observe and follow all local rules and regulatory signage, (6) Observe that Five-somes are not allowed on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays, from May 1st – Labor Day and permission is still needed from the golf shop Monday – Friday. (7) Play the tall native grass as a lateral water hazard and PLEASE replace the USGA’s 5-minute lost ball rule with our local 3-minute time rule, then resume play, (8) Limit your mulligans , so as to not hold up the play, of others behind you.

Helpful Hints for – “SPEED OF PLAY –READY GOLF(1) The center fairway discs & sticks; Red = 100 yds, White = 150 yds, Blue = 200 yds, Yellow = 250 yards and White PVC stakes = Out-of-Bounds; (2) Disregard the honor system and be ready to play your ball as soon as it is safe to do so, mark its location and proceed directly to it; (3) Use continuous putting procedures; (4) Stay caught up with the group in front of yours, not just ahead of the group behind yours; (5) If necessary, allow faster groups to play through, however, groups unable to keep up with the day’s pace of play, normal for a public golf course, may / will be encouraged to return at a less busy time, (ask the golf shop for possible times); (6) Place your equipment, on the side of the green closest to the next tee to be played; (7) Move to the next tee before marking your scorecard; and (8) Please play each 9-holes in 2-hours or less.

Children 9 and under are permitted limited free play; with parental supervision.  Children ages 10-12 are permitted to play, with adult supervision or approval from the Golf Professional.  However, they must pay the appropriate membership fees, greens and cart fees.  At age 13, they may play without supervision, but need to be able to keep up with the day’s pace of play and show proper golf etiquette.

CARTS (Applies to both Private & Public carts) (1) When using a Private Cart, the owner of the cart must be present in the cart, otherwise it may not be used; immediate family members, only, are allowed to use a private cart after a phone call is received from the cart owner alerting the clubhouse staff (see #9 below), (2) Have a maximum of 2 riders per cart, (3) Must never be driven in the tall native grass areas – not even handicap flagged carts, (4) Need to be driven in the fairways and on the cart paths, only, (5) Please park carts, with all 4-wheels on the paths, when parking around tees and greens or at least 50 feet away, (6) All cart drivers must be 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license (except private carts may be driven by 14-year old driving permit holders), (7) We encourage the use of only 1-cart per twosome, 2-carts per foursome and 3-carts per 5-some, (8) Must stay on the paths, when playing par-3’s and; (9)  “HANDICAP CART REGULATIONS”; (One should show a permanent Nebraska HDCP placard/plates for their automobile).  Cart Rules #1 thru #7 still apply, except that – HDCP carts may be driven on the fairways of par 3’s, yet parked 15-feet away from all greens and tees and be parked on paths with all 4-wheels, as well and must display a club provided “Blue HDCP Flag” on their cart.  Thank You!  Ask clubhouse staff for more details or help, in accommodating any temporary handicap situations.  (9) NOTE – At the beginning of the 2008 season, the ownership and sharing of stored carts was grand-fathered to those who currently had this arrangement in place and were members in 2007/8.  Both members will now need to keep their memberships active to continue this arrangement.  If one membership is dropped, the split cart ownership becomes null and void, for the future.  Therefore, new split cart ownerships are no longer available, except for the immediate family.  This is due to the Club’s purchase and maintenance of a nice fleet of carts, available for daily rental or annual lease.

LMGC – Prohibits the bringing of alcoholic beverages onto the licensed premises, thus, private or non-member coolers are not permitted.  We have coolers available for your use.  Thank You for your cooperation!

Annual Memberships, with their corresponding optional fees, are only valid for LMGC sponsored events, not for any other outside events.  Memberships, however, are now valid for a year based on your paid anniversary date, which is noted in the Club’s POS Computer Register, membership records.

Failure to observe and follow your own “Member & Player Responsibilites” may result in loss of or temporary suspension of privileges.  Intentional damage to the course may result in permanent or temporary suspension, but is definitely cause for immediate eviction!