MGA / WGA Accomplishments

In memory of our friend Delbert Hiatt

In memory of our friend Delbert Hiatt

Membership to these organizations, to help the Club, is something every member should seriously consider.  Plus look at all the fun you could have and what they have done for the Club, since their inception.

MGA Membership #’s –
2008 = 89, 2009 = 49, 2010 = 70 2011 =    ,
WGA Membership #’s –
2010 = 30

The formation of the MGA in 2008 and the WGA in 2010.  Below is an ongoing list of the Contributions, Completed Projects & Improvements these organizations have made to LMGC, since.  Please become a Member of your respective organization, as they are a vital part of the success of LMGC –

  • Paving and extending of cart paths for holes #4, #5, #8, #9, #10 and #17; plus numerous turnarounds and extensions throughout the course (this is ongoing).
  • Each year; sponsoring and selling Ads in the Membership Booklet (so be sure to use these advertisers for their business services).
  • Every 3-years; selling the Tee Box Markers to advertisers, (be sure to use these advertisers for their business services, as well).
  • And every four years; selling ads to the advertisers on the scorecard (and be sure to use these advertisers for their business services, also).
  • Economical membership golf events throughout the season, for your enjoyment.
  • Installed a concrete floor in the north end of the maintenance building, as bare ground flooring was contributing to the deterioration of equipment, etc.
  • Both organizations oversee the USGA-GHIN Handicap service that every event player should take advantage of, if they don’t have a local league handicap.  Be aware, your league handicap will not travel to other course’s events.
  • The stabilization of the dirt wall south of the maintenance shed.
  • Installation of a concrete slab, used for the storage of top-dressing sand.
  • The re-structuring of the hill on hole #8 and the irrigation project that went with it.
  • Flower Beds constructed, requiring minimum maintenance, in different areas around the course.
  • The irrigation project on holes #3, #4, #5 and #6.
  • Beginning in 2011, Numerous New Tee Boxes will be re-constructed, leveled and added throughout the course over the next few years, (your physical help, will be needed for this, as well).
  • Numerous projects are always being planned over a continuous 5-year plan and your ideas, for improvements are always welcome – just let us know.
  • The revenues they collect not only come from selling of the above Ad areas, but from your; annual association dues, event entry fees, donations, Mulligan participation, Skins Games and Calcutta Auctions.  So your participation is critical for continued success!