Men’s League – Format

Wednesday – Men’s Evening League – Begins April 27th (Wednesdays) @ 6 pm, for 15 weeks.  Split 8/7, into two halves. Season ends Aug 6th (there will be play on July 2nd – Sorry! –  otherwise we run into airification season in late August). Play-offs begin September 10th or as soon as opposing teams can set up their matches.  Course is closed, each Wednesday @ 2 pm for 18-hole open play and @ 4 pm for 9-hole open play.  Format is a 5-Point Scoring System(consisting of 1 point to each team in stroke play, 1 point for each player in stroke play and 1 point for each player in match play for most holes won) & Features 2-man teams, plus, 6-weekly pin prizes.  There will be three 16-team divisions, thus, limited to a maximum of 48 teams or 96 players; which makes up the 15 week season.  The two top point getters out of each division, each half and the other four overall season top point getters (wild cards) to determine the 16 play-off teams.  The first two divisions will be split and formed by total team handicaps and the third division will consist of teams with new players and new teams, etc.  All play is off the White Tees.  If you would like to be a substitute, please notify the clubhouse.  Registration cards will be sent out or you may stop in the clubhouse to sign up and get more details. Paid Registration Deadline is Saturday April 27th@ 6 pm – Cost is $45 per man. It takes time to organize an event of this magnitude – SO PLEASE – don’t wait until the night League starts to pay your membership dues, etc., as new players will be put in after the deadline to fill unpaid spots.  Please have fees paid by the deadline!  Thank You! Team spots will be awarded in the following order;
(1st) Last year’s teams w/both players being LMGC members;
(2nd) New teams w/two LMGC members;
(3rd) Last year’s teams with one LMGC member and one guest;
(4th) New teams w/one LMGC member and one guest;
(5th) Last year’s teams w/two non-member guest players;
(6th) New teams w/two non-member guest players.