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How to deal with epigastric tightness.

Many people may think that epigastric tightness is normal and that epigastric tightness from many causes can be easily treated. But actually These symptoms can become more severe or cause more serious health conditions. Patients should not be complacent and neglect treatment. It is important

Where does excess fat come from?

Excess fat is caused by the body receiving more energy than the body should receive per day. Along with getting too many nutrients. Such as starch, sugar, and fat each day. Because the human body has a limited ability to handle nutrients. Makes it unable to be completely expelled or

Physical factors are the cause of panic disorder.

Panic disorder patients may be affected. which consists of genetic inheritance brain abnormalities and exposure to various chemicals body as follows: Genetic inheritance People whose family members have a history of panic disorder or other mental health problems. And those people have very close blood relations. You may be at