How to store cucumbers once cut or stored whole, they’ll still be fresh!

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Fresh, crunchy cucumbers are a great choice for snacks. Whether it’s to eat as an appetizer or to accompany various food menus. Cucumbers are a healthy, fat-free vegetable, with just 14 calories in 1 cup of sliced ​​cucumbers. Preparing your veggies ahead of time,
like storing sliced ​​cucumbers in the refrigerator, makes for a delicious snack option. and easy to pick up and eat.

But because cucumbers are a vegetable with a high water content, this means they can quickly deteriorate after being cut. ยูฟ่าเบท recommend but if you follow these tips, it’s the best way to store cucumbers because they’ll last up to a week even after they’ve been cut.

Method 1: Store cut cucumbers for 1 week.

  • Take the part of the cucumber you want to keep and wrap it in plastic wrap. Cover tightly with wrapping on every part. Do not allow air to enter.
  • Store the wrapped cucumbers in a ziplock bag. Let the air out of the bag. Then close the bag tightly.
  • Place it in the refrigerator in a normal compartment without anything laying on top of it. And should be kept away from apples and tomatoes because it may cause the cucumbers to ripen faster. Can’t keep it for as long as it should.

    Method 2: Store whole cucumbers for up to 3 months.

    • Take the whole cucumber and wash it thoroughly with water. Then wipe off the water until completely dry.
    • Take plastic wrap and wrap the cucumbers. Wrap tightly on all sides. Do not allow air to enter. You can wrap one ball at a time or wrap several balls at the same time.
    • Store in a plastic bag. or vacuum box Then put it in the refrigerator.

      Method 3: Store whole cucumbers for 1 week.

      • Take tissue paper and wrap the cucumber tightly on all sides. without having to wash the cucumbers first
      • Put it in the vegetable freezer. You can put it in the refrigerator.

        Let me tell you that besides the benefits for the skin, Cucumber are also beneficial in helping to maintain the body’s health in many ways. Whether it is an aid in relieving thirst, expelling heat, expelling waste in the body, helping reduce fever, and enhancing nerve function. Reduce blood sugar It can also prevent cancer. With benefits like this, you probably need to find some cucumber to eat.