Urine has a pungent odor, which one is abnormal?

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Smelly pee or smelly urine is normal. Because human urine usually has a slightly pungent odor. But in some cases, if the pee has an unusually bad smell There may be a factor from drinking little water. Eating certain foods or medicines that cause urine to smell. It may also be a sign of health problems that you should be careful of as well.

Urine is the fluid that the kidneys filter to remove waste products from the blood. and excreted outside the body It consists of more than 95% water. The rest are various substances that the body does not want to remain inside, such as substances from the food we eat such as minerals, proteins, sugars, chemicals, including creatinine. Substances that are excret by muscles, สมัคร ufabet, etc. For this reason, urine is clear to light yellow in color and has a specific smell that is slightly pungent. The color and smell may change depending on the food or drink that is eating. But if the smell of urine is very strong, sometimes it smells like rotten eggs or is so bad it hurts your nose. It may also indicate an abnormal condition.

What causes urine to smell more pungent than before? It can be cause by many factors as follows:

Drinking less water will make your urine darker and more foul-smelling than normal. This is because the less water there is, the more concentrated the proportion of waste will be. The smelly urine can be resolve by drinking enough water to meet the body’s needs. Drinking 2 liters of water per day will be good. And keep an eye on that. When drinking a lot of water Is the color of your urine lighter? Is the smell of urine still bad? Because if the smell doesn’t return to normal, there may be other reasons hidden.

Drink too much coffee or milk: When we drink only milk all day Or drink several cups of coffee. You may also smell urine, coffee or milk. Because the enzymes in the body may not be able to digest it in time. and trying to excrete it through urine The color of the urine may also be milky white. Or it may get darker from caffeine as well.

Eat food that has a strong smell: Sometimes we will feel that our urine smells like the food we have eaten, for example, urine has the smell of acacia. The smell of asparagus, pistachios, onions, garlic, or strong-smelling foods. This is cause by the body not having enzymes to completely digest the food we eat. This causes the body to help excrete it through urine. This disorder is common and not dangerous. Just drink lots of water or wait until the body has completely excreted that type of food. The smell of urine will return to normal.

Use of certain drugs: The smell of your urine can be a result of certain medications or health conditions you are taking, such as ibuprofen, the antibiotic metronidazole. (Metronidazole) Antibiotics, sulfa drug group  (Sulfonamides) such as sulfasalazine. Sulfasalazine, diabetes medicine such as glyburide, as well as vitamin B1 or thiamine and choline can also cause urine to smell.

Other health problems: Other health problems can also cause urine to smell unusually bad. Whether it is a sexually transmitt infection such as chlamydia or trichomoniasis. (Trichomoniasis), the formation of kidney stones, and the liver and kidneys that are responsible for filtering waste do not work efficiently.

Minor abnormalities in the body if they occur frequently It’s a regular thing. And if you try to change your behavior, it won’t go away. You should hurry and see a doctor quickly. Such as the smelly urine as well.