Where does excess fat come from?

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Excess fat is caused by the body receiving more energy than the body should receive per day. Along with getting too many nutrients. Such as starch, sugar, and fat each day. Because the human body has a limited ability to handle nutrients. Makes it unable to be completely expelled or drawn into energy

When energy and nutrients remain The body will change those energy and nutrients into fat stored in various parts as a reserve energy. As the days pass by Those accumulated fats will increase until they exceed the amount of fat. That should be within the body and become excess fat. ทางเข้า ufabet

In addition to receiving excess energy and nutrients on a regular basis. Other factors and behaviors also cause some people to be at risk of having a large amount of fat accumulated to the point of becoming excess fat, such as not being physically active. Lack of exercise, gender, increasing age Certain hormone levels and genetics, etc.

However, these factors do not directly result in excess fat. But it may affect how the body processes nutrients and energy.

Excess fat accumulated in the body is caused by consuming more energy and certain nutrients than the body needs each day. Especially the food groups, fats and carbohydrates. Although these nutrients are important. But getting too much can have negative effects on the body.