Laporta is confident that Barca will resolve the financial crisis.

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Joan Laporta is confident Barcelona will be able to resolve their financial problems as they are targeted. Barcelona president Joan Laporta believes Azulgra will be able to resolve its financial problems. Especially by unlocking the Reds’ salaries that exceed the salary cap set by La Liga of 144 million. Euro, according to Mundo Deportivo on Wednesday. 

‘Using a medical metaphor, when we took control of the club It’s the door of death. and with the work we did during that time We can move to the ICU now. If we approve these two levers. UFABET We can move to another floor of the hospital to leave the hospital and return to normal life.’

The two levers, according to La Porta, are 49.9 percent of Barcelona’s merchandising licenses and 25 percent of television rights sales.

‘I’m confident we can turn the club’s economic situation around,’ Laporta said.

Barcelona will hold a meeting on June 16 to explain the measures. Thereafter, the Socio or club members will have the opportunity to cast their votes. Which will have a huge impact on the near future of the club, especially the transfer market – this summer. 

La Porta is a lawyer with its own firm. During his first term as president of FC Barcelona (2003–2010), the club set a new record by winning six tournaments in a 12-month period (2009). elected as a member Legislative Assembly of Catalonia from 2010–2012 and was elected president of FC Barcelona for a second term in 2021