Souness sees form declining due to Lisandro absence.

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Former Liverpool striker Graeme Souness believes Manchester United‘s decline in form is partly. Due to the absence of centre-back Lisandro Martinez.

The Argentina international has joined the Red Devils for £56.7m this season and has come under heavy criticism for his appearance. But he showed his form to defeat those sounds with excellent performance. Which Souness saw that United’s form has declined in recent times, partly due to the lack of a 25-year-old defensive line.

“United need to keep their panic under control in two crucial weeks.” Souness wrote in his Online Mail column. H team has only won 3 of the last 6 games since he was injured against Sevilla.”UFABET 

“I think Martinez will be able to manage in the Premier League with his form. I still believe it will be a problem for him in the future. But he is United’s top player and influences those around him.

“If United finish with the FA Cup it will be a great season. But they are not good enough to challenge for the league and the Champions League. Their status has to be a team to challenge those competitions.

Martinez has earned the nickname of “The Greatest Player of the Year”. Butcher of Amsterdam (Butcher of Amsterdam) with his aggressive playing style to his sons. Yet he received only six yellow cards in 36 games over the course of last season, fewer than Shaw and Maguire.