Tuchel has not yet decided if Cancelo stays or not.

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Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel has revealed. He has yet to decide on the future of Portuguese full-back Joao Cancelo, who is on loan from Manchester City football team.

Bayern managed to borrow Cancelo to use in the winter market in January. And there is news that the buyout clause will not be use permanently at a price of 70 million euros. 

However, Tuchel insists that a decision has not yet made on the Portuguese defender’s future. But confirm that he like the players a lot UFABET

Tuchel said: “We haven’t had any discussions yet. And all parties involved in the deal must be involved in the decision-making process. However, I love him and I think he feels comfortable here. 

“His quality and commitment to training is like no other. He also has the space to be part of the team and to contribute his skills to the team. I feel that he is really happy.

If Cancelo does not sign a permanent contract with Bayern. There is a high chance that he will be let go by Manchester City in the summer with Arsenal interested.

News reports indicate that in the latter, Cancelo clearly express dissatisfaction with having to become a reserve. And almost no chance from Guardiola at all. In addition, the “Foi Thong” star has also post messages via social media satirizing the boss of Manchester City as well.