Music therapy and the treatment of suffering, stress, and anxiety.

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Music therapy is a branch of therapy that is believed to Using music and melodies to play and lull you will create a feeling of relaxation. Or it may even have a therapeutic effect on improving the patient’s mental and physical health.

Distress, stress and anxiety arising from illness and receiving treatment. It may cause the patient to have a poor quality of life, be unhappy and suffer during treatment. Which is not good for the illness that is being faced. And may hinder the doctor’s treatment process ทางเข้า ufabet

There is a belief that Listening to various songs and musical melodies can influence the patient. By helping relieve tension Anxiety, distress, and pain while receiving treatment can be avoided.

For this reason, there have been trials on the effectiveness of using music therapy to provide relief to patients from various conditions. One randomized trial found that. When live music performances based on the theory of cognitive and behavioral adjustment are used in a group of young children. Who need to receive vaccinations. Parents of children in the experimental group who used music therapy reported. That their children experienced less distress and stress during the vaccination than in the past. While parents of children in the control group who did not use. Reported that Children are suffering more than ever before. It may therefore be that live music therapy has beneficial effects on young children and their parents during the vaccination process.