Van Gaal praised the Dutch players for refusing to send De Paid drama.

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Louis van Gaal, the Netherlands national team coach, praises his son for not giving up. And explains not sending Memphis Depay onto the field.

The Orange Knights defeated Wales 2-1 in their Nations League A Group 4 clash on Wednesday night, giving the Flying Dutchman two straight wins and leading the group.

“I think we have a great team. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. (Which we won at the end of the game) Wells’ coach made several changes. Play more offensive games than defense. UFABET And that’s why I changed some of my teams.

“I have to admire Wales as well, they have a winning spirit. But they don’t create many opportunities. Their goal came from a mistake as we couldn’t clear the ball. Their tackles are excellent. But the winning goal from Weghorst’s header was wonderful.

“I don’t know if Memphis (De Pai) is warmer than the others, but that’s our pattern. warm up and sit back to allow them to enter the field immediately I said, ‘Now it’s Memphis’ and then changed my mind, I thought Weghorst was injured but he kept playing. And is it the one who scores the winning goal?”van Gaal