Physical factors are the cause of panic disorder.

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Panic disorder patients may be affected. which consists of genetic inheritance brain abnormalities and exposure to various chemicals body as follows:

Genetic inheritance People whose family members have a history of panic disorder or other mental health problems. And those people have very close blood relations. You may be at risk of suffering from panic disorder. The patient may have inherited the genetics from the father or mother. or received from both parents. ทางเข้า ufabet

  • brain abnormalities In general, The brain has chemicals called neurotransmitters. If the neurotransmitters within the brain are not balanced It can cause panic attacks. Panic disorder may be caused by the activity of the part of the brain that controls the body’s fight or flight response, because the heart beats faster when faced with a dangerous event.
  • Exposure to various chemicals, people who use drugs Drink alcoholic beverages or beverages mixed with caffeine. including those who smoke May suffer from panic disorder. Some researchers also speculate that may be related to sensitivity to carbon dioxide levels, that is, when breathing in air containing a lot of carbon dioxide. It can trigger panic symptoms. However, breathing correctly will help relieve or alleviate panic symptoms.

Panic disorder and mental health factors.

Serious events that occur in life can result in panic attacks. Especially the loss or separation from a loved one. These events are related to panic attacks. The patient will feel fear or panic after such an event occurs. Or, these symptoms may continue for years, leading to panic attacks. In addition, people who experience panic attacks tend to think that some minor illness occurs. It is related to various dangerous situations. Such as people who experience palpitations from drinking coffee. It is thought that palpitations are caused by fear.